27th June 2021 
4th July 2021 The
 Hare and Hounds Harlton Cambs
25th July 2021 Folk in the Town ( King's Lynn)
8th-9th Aug 2021 
Broadstairs Folk Week
21st Aug 2021
Private Party
25th Aug 2021 
East Anglia Beer Festival
27th-30th Aug 2021 
Shrewsbury Folk Festival
10th Sept 2021
Kontra Roots
27th Nov 2021 Kontra Roots Cottage Concerts


17th Jan 2020 Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival Concert
"18th Jan 2020  Shave the Monkey final reunion concert The Junction Cambridge (all 4 members of The Boxwood Chessmen will be playing as part of Shave The Monkey at this concert )"

24th Jan 2020  Kontra Roots 


17th Sept 2020 Beardy Festival


21st Feb 2019 The Blue Ball Cambridge

22nd Feb 2019 Royston Golf Club 

24th March 2019 Thriplow Daffodil Festival ,Music Café

24th-27th May 2019 The Great North Folk Festival

9th June 2019 Barking Folk Festival 

29th June 2019 Private Dance St Albans (The Boxwood Chessmen Dance Band with caller Martin Lindridge)

12th-13th July 2019 Folk on the Lawn

28th July 2019 The Junction Cambridge (New Routes Folk Festival Special) 

2nd Aug 2019 Sidmouth Folk Festival

10th-11th Aug 2019 Lowther Show 

13th Aug 2019 Broadstairs Folk Week

23rd-26th August 2019 Shrewsbury Folk Festival

6th Sept 2019 Wood Fest Hatfield Forest

14th Sept 2019 (day) Midland Game Fair

14th Sept 2019 (evening) Shepreth Folk and Beer Festival 

22nd Sept 2019  Royston Musicfest 

29th Sept 2019 Tottenham Ploughman (Tottenham Taster)

15th Oct 2019 Luna Lounge

20th Oct 2019 Cambridge Botanic Garden (Apple Day)

8th Nov 2019 The Running Well Acoustic Music Club
7th Dec 2019 Mill Road Winter Fair

8th Dec 2019  The Sail Loft Folk Club